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The Bard

There's a chap on bold street who's pitched up outside a Mexican eatery 6 days out of the 7. He wears a poncho and a sombrero and sings Latin songs that my novice ear is yet to understand. Thick set fingers strum at a well kept guitar and breaks are often had for cigarettes and coffee. His guitar case sits open, ready to receive any shrapnel passers by toss his way. His on display CDs show him in all white, smiling at the camera. I'm yet to see anyone buy one. In truth I'm yet to see anyone offer him much more than the metal that weighs down their pockets, seldom a smile or a pause to appreciate his music - he's rather good. Writing this, I realise that I am yet to do any of the above despite my seeing him most days. He's there when I start and often there when I finish, doing his bit for the streets atmosphere. An essential part of the furniture that is the everyday bustle of Bold street.

At first I felt an odd sadness seeing him there day in day out. A lonely bard, I often thought, singing for the world only for it to go by him without notice.

Then sadness turned to admiration. Here was a human being who was doing what they wanted to do because they wanted to do it and did so without the need of another's recognition or coin. He sang because he wanted to and asked for nothing in return.

What a gem in today's world of hustlers and huxters, where coin reigns supreme over passion and reason, where the need to receive decides every decision.

What a chap.

What a guy.

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