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Peter's Pickle Shop

Peters Pickle Shop was three doors down from Richie’s Roofing and Rivets. A fine establishment where one could purchase rivets by the ib and roofers by the van.

Peters Pickle Shop, however, did not share the same transparency as its neighbour. Peters Pickle Shop was not well known for its pickles.

Many had walked into Peters Pickle Shop hoping to preside over the purchase of many a fine pickle. Many had walked out empty handed, looking at a loss.

You see, from the front, Peters Pickle Shop sure looked like a place one could take up a pew and set sites on one of the nations finest purveyors of prime pickle produce. Outside, all this looked very clear. Very obvious. But unlike Richie’s Roofing and Rivets where one could get the idea that Richie did sell rivets and did provide reliable roofers to those with roofing needs and musts, and then once stepping inside found all that what was advertised was indeed what was available. You see, unlike the situation three doors down, Peters Pickle shop did not treat onlookers with the same courtesy.

If one was to step foot inside Peters Pickle shop with the assumption of seeing nothing but wall to wall of prime pickle produce from some of the nations finest pickle producers and purveyors the world over, they too would be as puzzled and downright perplexed as the many before.

You see, Peters Pickle Shop did not sell Pickles.

Peters Pickle Shop sold beans.

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