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Hatchlings & Saplings

For 11 long months he had watched on as his master had grafted and slaved away. Day in, day out. Come rain, come shine, his master was out and every step of the way, he was with him, like the ever-faithful hound he was. On, he watched as his master planted seeds and raised chicks, taking the greatest care to ensure that every sapling and every hatchling, reached its full potential. All the while whispering great empty, promises in their ears. Feeding them stories of how those that came before them had brought nothing but joy & happiness to people far and wide. How those before had brought about the greatest gift of all, the gift of festive joy and cheer.

He used to buy into all the lies his master fed the hatchlings and saplings. He even partook himself and would visit them all at night whilst they slept, encouraging them all with the stories from his master, so they might dream dreams of bringing nothing but happiness to those that acquired them. For a while, he turned a blind eye as they were put to the axe or to the saw, watching on as they were prepared. Stood by as they were carted off to their final destination, where they would deliver that oh so sought-after festive cheer, they had all been so desperate to provide. For longer than he cared to admit, the irony of all this was lost on him and it was only now that the truth was beginning to shine through and his eyes only just starting to open.

He still stood by his master’s side, like the ever-faithful hound he was. Only now, he did not whisper false truths to the young ones as they slept.

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