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Doggy Doo Poo

"how you settling in?"

Shaggy's ears flopped about his face. His eyes, old and sagging looked the new one over. Management had brought her in a couple nights ago and put her in the bed next to his.

"Yeah grand. Must say this place isn't what I expected"

She was much younger than he and had lived her whole life outdoors - without masters.


"The meals for a start. The food just arrives, same time every day"

"Did you not get fed at your last place?"

"What place? Didn't even have a permanent roof before here"


Shaggy felt a prang of shame. He had heard of her sort before, living on the fringe, fending for themselves away from the shelter of permanency.

"You don't have to worry about it" she smirked.

"Oh...No, I wasn't. How you finding the work?"

"Doesn't matter how I find it does it? It happens regardless"

"No. I suppose not"

Shaggy was suprised to find himself taken slightly aback by how direct she was.

"I never asked you your name did I?" she asked.

"Ah, no, nor I yours. I'm shaggy"

"Shaggy, do they call you that because your face is all saggy?"

"Very original, so go on then, I've told you mine"

"They call me Blue"



"What's blue?"

"I've no idea"

This time the pair shared a laugh that fell into a moment of silence. Each taking their time appreciating the drip of moonlight through window grates and the cold of their bed on warm bellies

"Bet you've seen some things out there?" Shaggy picked up.

"Out where?"

"You know, before you were rescued"


"Yeah rescued and..."

"I know what you mean, just a funny way to describe it"

"I thought thats where you came from? The rescue centre no?"

Blue fell silent again. The space between them was hard to ride. The inauthenticity of her confidence slipped through the bravado of her facade. It was upsetting to watch. Not least because Shaggy didn't have a scooby as to why she was so frightened. The compound wasn't bad. If anything it was actually quite good. They fed twice a day on kibble and meat, had swathes of land to work and roam and at night, when the jobs of the day were all done and dusted, a cool dry bed to sleep sound on.

Shaggy couldn't fathom a life like Blues. Wondering from place to place, scrounging for supper, hoping the clouds would hold back their rain and give them a dry night. Still, he was curious.

"So go on, what was it like?"

Blue sighed and moved her face to the moon.

"It was different, you know? Each day was its own, each day mine to do with as I wanted"

"Do you not want to do this?"

Blue scoffed. "No. What fucking go here, do that, get this, eat when you're told to eat, sleep when you're told to sleep, don't swim, go wash, not to mention they bag up turd, like what the fuck is that about? What do they want it for? I bet that's what the fucking foods made of"

Shagged laughed. He had never thought why they collected his poop or what they would do with it, so much of it as well...

"It's not much different when you think about it" Shaggy mused.

"How so?"

"Well, what was your day to day?"

Blue thought for a moment.

"Well, there was very little regularity, it was all situationally dependant. How much had I eaten the day before, do I need to move on, whats the weather like etc etc"

"But you were still bound by set limitations. There were no doubt times when you had to do things you didn't want to because the situation demanded it"

"Well, yeah..."

"You're still driven by core neccessities, you need to eat, you need warmth. You say each day was your own but really, you're still working for something"

Blue tilted her head at Shaggy and paused.

"Yeah but its my choice how those things happen, its my choice what to eat, where to sleep"

"But is it always?"


"You see, at least here, I know that each day I have that security, that regularity and if you learn to love the work then you'll never work a day in your life"

Blue belched a pretend vomit.

"No I'm serious Blue, it really isn't that bad here. You'll see"

"But don't you feel at all humiliated? Your life lived at the whim of another just so you can have a meal in your belly and a bed at night. What's next? I'm to clock in so I may respire?!"

Shaggy wanted to argue but could not find a point to use.

"You were born here no?"

"Third generation" Shaggy replied.

"So you know no different do you? This is all you've known, all you've experienced. Whereas me

"Yes" Blue continued. "There were days that were shit, getting rained on, going hungry, eating rotten things and getting chased off by others, days where I would dream of a place like this. But then there were days that were none of the above, days that smiled on you and the world was kind and it all made sense. It was my life, you know, the decisions were mine to make, the mistakes mine to learn, it wasn't this second hand, drip fed mush"

Again, silence fell. It was getting pretty heavy for a Tuesday night and Shaggy was conscious of the time, morning would be rising soon.

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